This Works for Me: Monitoring TV

I tape any movies or specials that the children want to watch.  While taping, I view the show so I can edit out commercials and determine if it is appropriate.  This allows me to “screen” the show and has helped us develop a library of good movies. Linda Grant

We have set times and shows that the children can watch.  For awhile we tried afternoon cartoons, but determined that they were having a negative affect on our son’s playing.  We went back to exclusively using PBS.  After a few weeks the aggressive behavior disappeared.  Mary Saur

We no longer allow TV in the morning because it was hampering our son from getting ready on time.  After school there is no TV until homework is done.  Sherry Ivory

We allow one hour os Sesame Street in the morning and I tape one half hour afternoon show to be watched right before bedtime.  We also have a special weekly show that we watch together with popcorn. Carol Pfifer

Our son has a lot of problems  in kindergarten.  For awhile we thought he might have attention deficit syndrome.  After reading about the connection between TV and attention span, we decided to limit TV time to 5 hours per week.  This has made an amazing difference.  Not only has our son’s behavior improved, but he is doing very well academically this year in first grade.  Katie Ortman

I finally decided that the commercials during afternoon cartoons were influencing my two year old son when he started telling me when were going to have an accident and needed to call a lawyer every time we got into the car! Judy Sullivan

I like to watch Sesame Street with my children so I can ask them questions about what is going on.  I also encourage them to sing along, get up and dance, and participate in any way they can.  That way, they aren’t just vegetating.  Mary Callis

I talk with my children about what we’re watching, either during or after the show.  If something happens that I’m not comfortable with, I ask “Do you think they’re doing the right thing?”, “What would you do in that situation?”.  I also emphasize that TV shows are not “real”.  Sitcoms present a problem and resolve it within 22 minutes.  I remind the kids that real families require time to work out problems.  Theresa Haggerty


Encouragement a publication by Angela DiCicco and Gail Signor

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