This Works for Me: Monitoring TV

I tape any movies or specials that the children want to watch.  While taping, I view the show so I can edit out commercials and determine if it is appropriate.  This allows me to “screen” the show and has helped us develop a library of good movies. Linda Grant We have set times and shows that the children can watch.  For awhile we tried afternoon cartoons, … Continue reading This Works for Me: Monitoring TV

This Works for Me!

We have a policy at our house to always WASH the tops of canned goods before opening.  Dust from the product sitting on the shelf accumulates and can easily get into the food int he process of opening. (Gail Signor) PUZZLES: How to organize?  After you put the puzzle  together, flip it over and number all the pieces with the same number.  Each puzzle is … Continue reading This Works for Me!

Women Friendships

Gail Signor shares her feelings: For me, friendships with other women have always been virtually important.  Ironically, I feel I have deprived myself of having a close female friend most of my married years.  When I ask myself why, I come up with a few possible reasons. For one, we’ve moved several times to different states.  The challenges of maintaining a relationship are obvious.  Secondly, … Continue reading Women Friendships