From Moms to Moms: Moving

While my husband and I were house hunting we never took the children with us.  When we did select a house, we waited until the contract was accepted before showing the children their new home.  Then we has to sell our old house.  We packed away the messiest toys and when someone called to see the house, we’d play the “pick-up game”.  I’s race the children to see if I cold straighten up the house before they picked up their toys.

Once we sold our house, we needed to start packing immediately because our work schedules left us limited time for this task.  However, it’s best to delay this job as long as possible since it is unsettling for the kids.  We decided to pack the least used items first, clear out a room, store the boxes there.  This kept the rest of the house “normal”.  Although this helped reduce the stress, there was still plenty of anxiety.  TLC and patience is a must. (Gretchen Ward)

Like most military families, we have had several long distance moves.  We have found that getting adjusted to our new location is easier if we get involved right away.  I sign the children up for some type of lessons, check out the park programs, find a bible study for myself, and meet my husband’s co-workers.

The traveling time can be especially difficult for children since we are “homeless”.  We allow each child to pick put two favorite stuffed animals to keep with them in the car.  Then we buy little surprises to bring out as boredom increases.  We also read a little bit about the states we travel through and play games like: find all the letters fo the alphabet on billboards or find a license plate from all 50 states.  ALthough sight-seeing along the way may seem like fun for adults, younger children need to “get there” as soon as possible so they can feel more secure.  (Cindy O’Donnell)

When I left New York to spend time with my husband-to-be and his family in Nashville, a lot of changes were taking place in my life.  I didn’t consider what effect leaving my family would have on me.  In a different place everything seemed fine until the holidays rolled around.  I found myself resentful and grumpy.  One day I realized why- I missed my Mom, Dad, and siblings.  Since then my husband and I made a commitment to visit my relatives over the holidays every year.  The money was well spent, because it allowed me to be on an even keel and appreciate both families.  (Gail Signor)

We moved near our families after 8 years for being away.  Although we were thrilled that our children could enjoy their relatives, I soon resented that all our free time was being taken up with family functions.  Harmony was restores when I learned to occasionally say “No”. (MMM)

Encouragement: A publication by Angela DiCicco and Gail Signor

Moving Tips to follow NEXT week!

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