Product Review: Highlands Calms Forte for Kids

When my son turned one year old he started to sprout both molars and teeth at a rapid pace.  He also started to walk right after he turned one.  With both of these milestones he wasn’t sleeping like he had been before.  We were having trouble getting him to go to sleep and stay down.    I was at the point where I was willing to try any recommendations I was getting.  When I asked some of my mother’s friends for suggestions I kept hearing about Highlands Calms Forte for Kids.  So I purchased it through Amazon and I am glad that I did.  Most nights my son only needs one pill and within 15 minutes he is asleep.  He is also sleeping through the night most nights!  We give him a pill for naps and night-time and he sleeps better and longer when we give him the pill.  We have incorporated it into his sleep routine.  It also has helped with his night terrors he was getting a few times a week!

Do you have any products that you love?  Please share!

Ashley Myers

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