Heartwarmer: Great- Grandmas!

My husband and I are blessed to still have at least 1 grandparent alive.  When we got pregnant with RC they were excited to meet their first great-grandchild, something that they didn’t even think that they would be able to see.  Now that RC is a little older it is great to see him interact with them.

When we were out to dinner with my husband’s family, RC was being his cute self, but what really melt my heart was when he reached for his great grandma and gave her a hug!  It was such a wonderful thing for me to see.  He rest his head on her shoulder as if to say “I love you”.  It is something that I don’t think that I will ever forget.

We spent the night with my grandmother, and had just tought RC how to blow kisses.  He was having a blast blowing kisses to my grandmother.  When my Uncle stopped in for a few hours, my grandmother was so excited that she was able to get RC to say hi and blow kisses to him!  It is amazing to see the excitement through someone’s elses eyes.  Seeing her so excited about what RC could do, just melted my heart.

I am glad that they get to experience the wonders of not only a grandchild, but now also a great grandchild.

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