Dealing with Post Partum Depression

Post Partum Depression(PPD) affects between 11 and 20 percent of women.  It can be a mild case or a severe case, but usually goes away on its own over time.  PPD is a disorder that occurs after the birth of a child, usually due to hormone imbalances.

Some symptoms of PPD are loss of appetite, sadness, feeling worthless, feeling rejected, loss of interest in the baby, loss of interest in yourself and others, etc.

Here is a test to see if you may have PPD.

Personally I knew that something was not right when I wanted to “return” my baby.  I was having feelings like I was not a good mother, that I could not do anything right, and that my son would be better off without me.  I did not have these feelings all the time, just when my son would be screaming at the top of his lungs and nothing I did calmed him down.  I knew that I really needed help.  I knew that there was a chemical imbalance with me and I knew I could not kick it on my own.

After talking with my mother and doing my own research I started on the herbal supplement St John’s Wart. I also consulted my Dr. about the supplement and she agreed that I should try it and if it worked great, but if it didn’t work I needed to try another medication. The supplement was just what I needed to create that balance.  Once I started the supplement I was a different person.  I felt like I was back to my old self.

If you are having the thought that you might have PPD please contact your doctor to figure out the right treatment for you and know that you are not alone.





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