Peace, joy and healing for your holiday season workshop

You TOO can Have Joyful Healing Holidays Those who came to my hope and healing workshop were asking for another gather. That time is now! Did you grow up with wonderful holidays that you miss? Or do you have horrible memories, family fighting, Christmas trees being knocked down? I have lived with sadness and grief around these upcoming holidays. I’ve learned to create the holidays … Continue reading Peace, joy and healing for your holiday season workshop

Postpartum Depression

I briefly discussed dealing with  postpartum depression (PPD)before, but little did I know then that I would have it ten times worse with the birth of my second child. I knew something wasn’t right when I was pregnant, when I was getting agitated over the stupidest things.  It only took one dinner, where I threw a 4-year-old tantrum because my husband cooked the potatoes with garlic and onions, to … Continue reading Postpartum Depression

Dealing with Post Partum Depression

Post Partum Depression(PPD) affects between 11 and 20 percent of women.  It can be a mild case or a severe case, but usually goes away on its own over time.  PPD is a disorder that occurs after the birth of a child, usually due to hormone imbalances. Some symptoms of PPD are loss of appetite, sadness, feeling worthless, feeling rejected, loss of interest in the … Continue reading Dealing with Post Partum Depression