Peace, joy and healing for your holiday season workshop

You TOO can Have Joyful Healing Holidays

Those who came to my hope and healing workshop were asking for another gather. That time is now!

Did you grow up with wonderful holidays that you miss? Or do you have horrible memories, family fighting, Christmas trees being knocked down?

I have lived with sadness and grief around these upcoming holidays. I’ve learned to create the holidays that I want.

Have you given up hope that you can have a wonderful holiday season and just given yourself over to dreading it?

This workshop is about finding joy and healing. We will take the time to acknowledge the grief and sadness we may have experienced. Then you will learn my recipe for a happy holiday.

Have you ever wanted to go back and have a do-over? We know that it’s impossible to return to our childhood but nothing is stopping you from grieving the past and creating a new and beautiful holiday season today!

What can one do to live an artful rich life when Plan A doesn’t materialize? How do you create a rich artful life instead of staying in sadness  or loneliness?

Get your dose of magic before the holidays!

In this very special workshop we will discuss:

  • Re-framing the holidays
  • Grief of the past holidays – either wonderful or or horrible days during the Thanksgiving and  Christmas season
  • Blah feelings
  • Sadness during the holidays
  • How to create wonderful warm memories for yourself

Did you feel left out of parties? Did you feel like everyone else was having a glittery wonderful holiday but you?

  • Stand in your own power – WE have a CHOICE.
  • It is not my children’s or my spouse’s job to feel that aching need inside of me.
  • Let go of how we thought this would be or how we wanted it to be.
  • What tools can we use when that outcome doesn’t materialize?
  • What do I need? What need to need to fill?
  • Making lemonade out of lemons.

Peace, Joy and Healing for your Holiday Season Workshop

Sunday, November 10, 2019 from 1-4pm $35 prior to workshop $40 at the door


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