Insights: Report From Aged Eye-Witness

Report From Aged Eye-Witness- ===Slow-Pitch Softball 5-13-13=== Sneaking up from behind Ryley,  perfectly seated upon the bench and engrossed with “crowns” and paper, he finally caught my eye, I saw the “Oh” mouth,  and heard those words again, “MaMaMa!”  I quickly put a blanket down on that cold cold bench ( under Dawn, Ryley and myself) and he then lifted his arm to hug me!  Almost the best part of … Continue reading Insights: Report From Aged Eye-Witness

Heartwarmer: Great- Grandmas!

My husband and I are blessed to still have at least 1 grandparent alive.  When we got pregnant with RC they were excited to meet their first great-grandchild, something that they didn’t even think that they would be able to see.  Now that RC is a little older it is great to see him interact with them. When we were out to dinner with my … Continue reading Heartwarmer: Great- Grandmas!