A new technique for exploring art. Try it….

If you’re like me, everything you see is a potential craft or art project!  Every scrap of fabric, each piece of yarn – what could I do with that?  What would I do with that?  We save textured paper, tissue paper, buttons, felt – you name it, we’ve got it just waiting for a project! 

I find myself scanning through magazines and books and thinking, “Wow!  I love that (design, photo, work of art, color scheme, etc.)  Today, through a very talented friend, I learned a GREAT technique to use when I see those pictures that so intrigue me.  

“What do I like about this photo?  What is it that is drawing me in?” Is it the swirl of colors that I like?  Maybe I can recreate that color scheme in a different way.  Perhaps I like the texture and want to imitate it in another material.  Do I want to use the picture for decoupage or collage to cover a box, make a card or cover a journal? Explore the depths of the picture, colors, patterns, textures and ask yourself, “What is it that intrigues me about this picture?”

Dig a little deeper and you’ll find answers to questions you didn’t know to ask!  It will expand your art horizons into new and exciting directions!

Oh happy day!

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