Repurpose Children’s Artwork

I can only imagine how many different pieces of artwork each child does in their life time.  For me, I think where am I going to store it all?  Here are some ideas to repurpose them without throwing them away! Use it for wrapping paper. Frame it- You can even change the picture from time to time. Turn them into greeting cards. Turn them all … Continue reading Repurpose Children’s Artwork

Encouraging Creativity in Children

There are a lot of parents that feel like the child’s art work needs to fit into a nice little box.  Here are a few types to encourage children to use their creativity. Encourage children to ask question Remember to focus on the process and not the finish product. Allow your child to make decisions when possible. Allow your child to use the materials for … Continue reading Encouraging Creativity in Children

A new technique for exploring art. Try it….

If you’re like me, everything you see is a potential craft or art project!  Every scrap of fabric, each piece of yarn – what could I do with that?  What would I do with that?  We save textured paper, tissue paper, buttons, felt – you name it, we’ve got it just waiting for a project!  I find myself scanning through magazines and books and thinking, “Wow!  … Continue reading A new technique for exploring art. Try it….

Teaching Children the Art of Making Decisions

Start young.  I let my 2 year old choose her clothes. I would put out 2 outfits on her bed to choose from.  As she got a little older, she would pick out her own outfits.   Some days I might say, “Ok. You can keep the top or the pants on.”  Then she would run back to her room and change either the top or … Continue reading Teaching Children the Art of Making Decisions

Art Brain. Math Brain. Can’t I have both?

I am an artist.  I dance, I sing.  I create.  My brain easily goes to this functions.  I look at the world through  artist’s eyes.  How is that made?  Can I recreate it?  What can I make with these colors, this fabric, this theme?  How can I decorate this room?   Doesn’t this fabric drape nicely over this window?  Look at the petals on this flower, … Continue reading Art Brain. Math Brain. Can’t I have both?