Don’t shirk your business, but fit in PLAY time!

Over the last few months, my business has been very busy.  So busy that I have had little time for play. I have recently come to realize that when this happens, I must get back to basics. I must continue to CREATE.  I mean make new things, work on new projects. As I fill orders and focus (like I believe someone who owns a business … Continue reading Don’t shirk your business, but fit in PLAY time!

Toys Children Play With

It was the day after Christmas and two days after my son’s second birthday, where he got tons of toys for presents and what do we see him play with?  The box and peanuts a package came in on Christmas Eve.  Yep that is right, he wasn’t playing with any of his new toys….he was playing with a cardboard box and peanuts.  At that point … Continue reading Toys Children Play With

Toddler Play Ideas: Stuffed Animals

We all know that children love stuffed animals and usually have a collection of them. How about having a stuff animal circus? Make a tent (drap a sheet over a table) where the animals can perform circus acts.  You can even use a pillowcase at the doorway to create a “curtain”. Use the stuffed animals for story telling.  Have them help act out a story that … Continue reading Toddler Play Ideas: Stuffed Animals

This Works for Me!

“Joy” for Bubbles.  Dishwashing liquid makes the best bubbles!  Add glycerin (from drugstore) for even better bubbles. (Marian Honig) Counting sleeps.  When young children are driving you crazy asking how many days till their birthday, try counting sleeps.  A child understands that they have to go to bed and wake up a certain number of times before their special day. (186 sleeps till Christmas!) (Kathy … Continue reading This Works for Me!