Sandwich approach….

Ever since I became a parent I am always looking for new ways to handle situations with my children.  Each person parents in a different way, even if the parenting style is the same.  With this I am always amazed to hear one of my friends talk to her children.  She is always so positive and always  compliments them when they do a good job.  Even when they aren’t do something they are suppose to, she always seems to find a positive spin on it.

There was one time when she did this, that it was so clever that it has really stuck in my head every since.  Her almost 2 year old was coloring with markers and was coloring on the paper, the table and the chair.  When we all noticed my friend very quickly said to her “I love your artistic freedom, but can we please keep it to the paper.”  She could have easily screamed “Don’t color on the furniture,” or even “Please keep the coloring to the paper.”  Instead she complimented what her 2 year was doing and then stated what she wanted.  What a great way to correct what her child was doing.

When I asked her about it, she informed me that it was called the sandwich approach.  Informing me that you sandwich what you want your child to do or what you need them to do with 2 positives.  That way you start and end with something positive.  I absolutely love this approach.  It compliments my philosophy of praise 10 times more than correcting.

I will be using this approach with my children!

Do you use this approach?  If not what do you use?

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