Senses: Touch

This is the second part of our senses series, touch. If you missed Sound, you can go here!  Below are activities, printables, and book suggestions all about the sense of touch. Activities involving touch Take different types of fruit/vegetables, close your eyes.  Feel them with your fingers.  Do they feel soft or hard?  What shape are they?  Is the surface smooth or bumpy? Is it large … Continue reading Senses: Touch

Toddler Activities and Crafts

Mirror Image Activity Have your child stand facing another person, as if they were looking in the mirror. Choose which person will be the leader and which one will be the follower.  As the leader moves the follower imitates the movement. Make sure to switch roles, so that both children can be the leader and the follower. Crown thee King or Queen: Cut construction paper to … Continue reading Toddler Activities and Crafts

Senses: Sound

There is so much that you can do with the 5 senses and teaching them.  This week we are going to start with Sound.  Below are activities, printables, and book suggestions all about sound. Activities involving Sound: Go on a sound walk: Listen for all the different sounds.  Can you pick out any one in particular? Guess what it is: Play different sounds and have … Continue reading Senses: Sound

Toddler Play: Water Table Discussion Questions

A water table is a great sensory tool.  The possibilities are endless for the table.  Here are a few questions that will help expand your childs water table education. What can we do with water? How can we collect water? Does water have a taste?  If so, what do you think causes that? How far can you make the water spray? What happens if you … Continue reading Toddler Play: Water Table Discussion Questions

Brain Games for Toddlers

Saying Names:  To help your toddler learn that people and objects have different names, touch an object and say the name.  Then take your toddler’s hand and touch the object and say the name again.  Now say “(your toddlers name) is touching the (object)”.  This can be done with all different objects and people. Early Block Fun:  Make disposable blocks out of small milk cartons.  … Continue reading Brain Games for Toddlers

Toddler Play Ideas: Stuffed Animals

We all know that children love stuffed animals and usually have a collection of them. How about having a stuff animal circus? Make a tent (drap a sheet over a table) where the animals can perform circus acts.  You can even use a pillowcase at the doorway to create a “curtain”. Use the stuffed animals for story telling.  Have them help act out a story that … Continue reading Toddler Play Ideas: Stuffed Animals

Kid’s Korner: Holiday Party Games

Holiday Party Games: Word Game: How many words can your make from “Happy Thanksgiving”. Feather Game: Divide in teams (relay-style game).  First person must try to keep a feather in the air by blowing it to designated spot.  Player than passes it back to next player.  First team finished wins. Lost Mittens: Everyone brings a pair of mittens.  They turn them inside out and toss in … Continue reading Kid’s Korner: Holiday Party Games