Toddler Play: Water Table Discussion Questions

A water table is a great sensory tool.  The possibilities are endless for the table.  Here are a few questions that will help expand your childs water table education.

  1. What can we do with water?
  2. How can we collect water?
  3. Does water have a taste?  If so, what do you think causes that?
  4. How far can you make the water spray?
  5. What happens if you throw a water balloon? What if you drop it?  What if you place it?
  6. Find something that floats/sinks.
  7. What noises can water make?
  8. What color is water?
  9. How does water feel?
  10. Is the water hot or cold?
  11. What happens to water if you leave it out in the sun?
  12. What happens if you gently tap the water?
  13. What happens if you slam on the water?
  14. What happens if you splash the water?

Do you have any other discussion questions for the water table?  Please share!


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