Ways to Keep the Flame Alive

Non- Romantic Ideas for Husbands:

  • Cook dinner for your wife and do clean-up!
  • Take care of the children in the morning so mom can sleep in.
  • Take the children out of the house for a few hours so mom can have some peace and quiet.
  • Plan a family activity over the weekend and make it happen.
  • Do the food shopping and put the groceries away.
  • Take care of the cars and make sure they are gassed up.
  • Change a diaper or give the children their bath.
  • Take a turn doing car-pool or chauffeuring to sport activities.

Taken from Encouragement, a publication of Angela DiCicco and Gail Signor

One thought on “Ways to Keep the Flame Alive

  1. Give mom a 30 minute break after the work day and take the kids to a room in the house without mom. Be it if she is a stay at home mom or not, all women need that tiny amount of time to shower, read a book, prepare dinner, or just close her eyes.


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