You and your Partner: Communication

My husband and I make a great team, when we communicate.  When the communication is not there, it is a struggle to connect at all.  There are many reasons why marriages don’t work, but one large reason is lack of communication.  This is heightened after children are born. When a baby is added to the family, whether it is your first or your 5th, the family dynamic … Continue reading You and your Partner: Communication

Ideas to add SIZZLE to your Love Life!

Buy a new nightie, sheet set, or perfume Put candles, flowers, chilled wine and music in the bedroom Play out a fantasy Send a sizzling love not in your husband’s lunch or call him just before he leaves for home and make an indecent proposal (make sure he’s not on the speaker phone!) Take a trip down memory lane.  Pull out old photos, dress as your … Continue reading Ideas to add SIZZLE to your Love Life!

Keeping the Flame Alive!

There are many ways to show love besides the obvious.  Here are some ways spouses show love in everyday situations: Cook’s an occasional dinner and does clean-up Takes care of the children in the morning so mom/dad can sleep Takes the children to a friend’s house to have a quiet dinner at home Does the food shopping and puts the groceries away Takes care of … Continue reading Keeping the Flame Alive!