Keeping the Flame Alive!

There are many ways to show love besides the obvious.  Here are some ways spouses show love in everyday situations:

  • Cook’s an occasional dinner and does clean-up
  • Takes care of the children in the morning so mom/dad can sleep
  • Takes the children to a friend’s house to have a quiet dinner at home
  • Does the food shopping and puts the groceries away
  • Takes care of the cars and makes sure they are gassed up
  • Changes a diaper or gives the children their bath
  • Takes a turn doing the car-pool or chauffeuring to sport activities
  • Takes the children out of the house for a few hours so mom/dad can have some peace and quiet
  • Get sup at night with the baby
  • Cleans up dinner dishes (without being asked)
  • Takes you out or orders pizza when you’re too tired to cook
  • Stays home with a sick child.

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