Product Review: Hotsling


This is the newest type of carrier that I have bought.  I was looking for something that I could leave in my diaper bag that wouldn’t take up so much room and this is what was recommended.  I love my Moby Wrap, but if I don’t think about it before I leave the house then it doesn’t get in the diaper bag.  This is great for going to the store quickly where I don’t want to carry his carseat or great for extra support if I am caught somewhere holding him the entire time.

I purchased one that was not adjustable, though you can purchase one that is adjustable, which makes it easier than having to get the correct size.  I personally would  not use it for an infant, even though you can.  I love it for RC who likes to sit on my hip now.  It still offers great support to my back, while holding RC up.

I recommend it for older children who have great head control.

One thought on “Product Review: Hotsling

  1. Another GREAT carrier is the Ergo Baby, I own the sport style (much cooler for baby and mommy.) At first I loved it because it was great for my baby, until I realized it can hold up to 45 lbs! I wear it on my back, sort of like giving my 3 year old a piggy back ride, without actually needing my hands!! I take it with me EVERY time I go to my local zoo twice a week. Because the zoo is so hilly, it’s hard for her to make it all the way through. With this carrier, I can still push my 1yr old in the single stroller, and have my 3 year old with me, or even hold my 1 yr old in my hands and tote my 3 yr old on my back. It’s so comfortable, and NEVER leaves my car that way I always have it when I’m out and about!


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