Tips from Moms on Teenagers

  • Choose your fights.  Ask yourself if the issue at hand is worth the argument.  If not, drop the issue.
  • Have family conferences where joint decisions can be made.  Discuss with your teen what the consequences should be for breaking any family rules.
  • A great opportunity to communicate with your teenager is when you are alone in the car.  There isn’t any glaring eye contact; there are no phone calls or siblings to interrupt and there is a definite time limit.  Perfect condition for a teen!
  • Try to give your teen choices whenever possible.  This may deter your teen’s natural tendency to do the opposite of what you are saying.
  • Trust your teen but let her know the limits.  Be consistent with consequences when boundaries have been violated.
  • Talk to other mothers of teenagers.  By venting frustrations and exchanging parenting ideas with an understanding “colleague”, you’ll be reassured your teen is normal and that you have not failed as a parent.
  • Utilize the parenting courses and support groups that are available in your area.  Your church leaders and/or searching on the internet for local groups.
  • Preparing for college may be daunting and overwhelming for your teen.  Be supportive and available for questions and guidance.
  • Pray with and for your teen regarding decisions about dating, curfew, etc.

Encouragement: A publication by Angela DiCicco and Gail Signor.

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