Love is in the Air! Are you feeling it?10 ways to celebrate LOVE!

With love in the air, Valentine’s Day just around the corner, thoughts turn to relationships. The ones who aren’t in a romantic relationship and want to be. The ones who are content in their relationship with themselves and friends. The ones who are in an unhappy relationship. Many singles eschew the holiday and its accent on romance. Where does that leave those not in an intimate relationship with a partner?

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One of my friends had a luncheon one year for those of us who weren’t in romantic relationships. Six women seated around the dining table elegantly set with a cloth table cover, luncheon plates and cloth napkins. Food prepared with love, served in courses starting with soup and ending with a decadent homemade desert.  Each element carefully and lovingly thought out with her friends in mind. On each plate with a poem rolled up and tied with a ribbon.We all felt loved.

That lunch has stayed on in my memory as one of the sweetest Valentine’s Day celebrations. It was a reminder that each of us IS special and LOVED. A romantic relationship doesn’t have to be the BE all and END all. Being married or in a committed relationship is not a guarantee for happiness. There are many kinds of LOVE from many different places!

So this year, why not celebrate ALL the loves in your life? Here are some ideas to celebrate your married friends, your single friends, your partner, your family and YOU!

  • Mail an old-fashioned Valentine’s day card to your grandkids and include a Hershey’s kiss! Whether they are near or far, getting mail is always a treat!

  • One year, we invited a few couples over for dinner to let them know how much we cherish their friendship. Invite 1 or 2 couples over for a special dinner.  Light some candles, set the table with red cloth napkins, make (or buy!) a decadent chocolate dessert. Put a card or note at each place setting telling the couples why you cherish their friendship.

(Photo by Prateek Gautam on Unsplash)

  • Invite your single friends over, male or female, for a movie night. Serve heart shaped pizza and red candy hearts and one of the beverages below. Watch When Harry Met Sally (1989), Valentine’s Day (2010) or It Happened One Night (1934)

  • If you’re in a couple-ship, read Gary Chapman’s The Five Love Languages. After you figure out what love language your partner speaks, give them something in their love language. For example, if their language is Words of Affirmations, shower them with appreciation! If it is acts of service, do something for him/her that you wouldn’t normally do.

  • Each day for a week before Valentine’s Day, tuck notes in your sweetie’s lunch or briefcase, post a sweet poem on the bathroom mirror, leave chocolates on their pillow. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for a day and your sweetie may be your child or parent!

  • One Valentine’s Day, my husband gave me a book of poetry and we enjoyed reading poems to each other. Is someone in your life who would appreciate a book of poetry?

  • Make a list of ALL the people who love you!  Begin with your inner circle, parents, siblings, kids, then add friends, neighbors and co-workers!  When you’re feeling low, re-read the list and know that you are loved!

Most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF. Be easy on yourself. Stop beating yourself up. A friend said to me, “If it were me, what would you say to me?” I would tell her to be gentle with herself. Try to see yourself how God sees you and love yourself the way God loves you – unconditionally.

1 John 4:7 ….let us love one another, for love comes from God.

1 John 4:19…We love because HE first loved us.

Jeremiah 31:3…The Lord appeared to us …saying, “I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.

More recipe ideas:

No Bake Desserts:

Layered strawberry Jello Cups –

Conversation Heart Chocolate Pretzels:

Yummy Drinks:

 Chocolate covered strawberry martinis:

Love Potion Vodka Cocktail:

Do you have ideas for celebrating love? What have you done that we can all benefit from? Please share in the comments below!

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Italians are known for their warm homes and ability to make everyone who enters feel welcome. There’s always one more space at the table for drop-ins at my home.  Like my mother before me, I have an open door policy.  I love entertaining and creating a space that is elegant yet inviting.

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