This Generation and Technology

They call my generation the technology generation, but I am learning that my children will really be the first generation.  When I was growing up, the internet was still something few families had.  I didn’t have cable for most of my childhood, video games were not as mainstream and you could still find a pay phone.  In today’s world, kids are brought up with technology; they don’t know any different.  I didn’t know how to use my smart phone till I got one when I was in my 20’s, but my 18 month old son knows how to unlock it, get to my kindle app, and turn the pages of his books on there.

My children are not going to know what it is like not to own a cell phone or what it feels like to go out and NOT be available to everyone at all times.  They won’t know what a 35mm camera is or what it’s like to wait to have photos developed.  They’re not going to know what a floppy disk is or a VHS or know what a Walkman is.   They are not going to need to know how to write a check or receive a paper bill in the mail.   They won’t know the anticipation of waiting for a season finale because they can upload it whenever they want.  They won’t know life without Google or IM’s.  The idea of waiting for anything is non-existent.

The result of this is a generation that expects instant gratification.

Those are things of the past.  In today’s world you can swipe a credit card on your IPad or phone to charge the account.  You can move money from one person to the next in a matter of minutes.  Gone are the days of hand-written notes or even opening up a book.  Today the children are being raised on IPads, E-readers, touch screen computers, TV’s with internet.  They are not going to know what Blockbuster is or even what it feels like to wait for a movie to come out on DVD.

I remember spending my summers outside playing, making crafts, going to the pool, reading, camping and being a kid.  In today’s world children are sitting inside watching TV, playing video games, being on facebook.

My mother and I were talking about all the parenting information I have and I asked her how she did research when I was young….her answer,” I went to the library and copied it from a book.”  I know that at one point my children are going to ask something like this and I am going to have to explain that we didn’t have that when I was young.

Technology is a wonderful thing, but it can also hinder a child.  We as parents have the ability to post a picture of our children on facebook in the matter of seconds from it happening.  Do we stop to take a minute and think about our children?  When our children are older they are going to have these pictures on the internet that people are always going to have access to.  Once uploaded you can view them for as long as you have them up.  Facebook is a perfect example, since they changed to timeline, I am able to look and see what I posted back in 2008!  Think if I have this same account in 20 years, what would I be able to see?

As our children are young, we make decisions for them.  Even if your profile is set to private, you are still uploading pictures of your children to people they don’t even know.  So I ask you to take a minute and think about how you would feel if for your 21st birthday your mother or father is passing around your baby picture of you in an embarrassing position ……

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