10 awesome reasons to be grateful during this time of social distancing.

It’s a great time in history to be sequestered during the Coronavirus pandemic!   Let me explain:

We have much to be grateful for during the Coronovirus social distancing in 2020. We are able to keep in touch with one another with options that we didn’t have even 20 years ago! We also have ways to entertain ourselves that didn’t exist in prior epidemics such as online games, big screen TV’s and movies on demand. While playing the piano and singing together as a family has its charms, we have many other opportunities available:

  • We have cell phones. 100 years ago, if you’re loved one didn’t live within walking distance, you had no way of knowing if they are well or sick. Letters may have taken months to arrive, the news old by the time they did. We can pick up our phones and connect with our family and friends anytime and just about anywhere.
We can also play games on our phones and our TV that could entertain us for hours!
  • We can Facetime! Staying in touch around the world has never been easier. Not only can we talk to our tribe, but we can also see them. I have several friends who have grandchildren around the world. Facetime gives them an opportunity to develop a relationship with their grandkids. Even if your kids and grandkids are in the same area, as mine are, we won’t be visiting with them for a while and Facetime will keep us connected.
  • We have Social Media!  Facebook! Yes, this can be a blessing. We are able to connect with friends and family, keeping up with their lives.  We can check up on each other. We can ask for help.  We can reach out if we are lonely. We can join social groups, send messages, post and read the posts of others. This option didn’t exist 20 years ago!
  • We can send money via Paypal or Venmo without ever leaving our homes. This could be helpful if you want to send money for groceries or rent to a family member or a friend who is out of work.
  • We can order groceries online and have it delivered to us or to a family or friend! We never have to leave the house.
  • We can have phone appointments with our doctor.
  • We can have meetings through Zoom. Zoom is a way to video conference with a group of people. This can be used for your job and it’s also a great tool for people who attend 12 step meetings regularly such as AA or Al Anon. Zoom can connect like-minded people for a specific purpose.
  • We can watch YouTube videos to exercise or dance, keeping up our skills and staying fit from our home.
  • We can learn a new skill through YouTube or take online classes, keeping our minds active and saving us from going stir crazy.
  • We can work from home.

We have to get creative right now and use the tools that are available to us.

I feel grateful that we have all of these options; that they have been set in place, ready and waiting for a time like this, when we are separated from each other for health and safety reasons.  We are lucky to be living in the age that we are living!

Comment below how you are staying entertained!

For more on gratitude, read this: https://theitaliangrandmama.com/2019/11/28/thankfulness-or-gratitude-ill-take-both-please/

Angela DiCicco

The Italian Grandmama



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