How to put sterile gloves on and how to remove them.

With the corona virus being felt worldwide, people are wearing gloves to the supermarket, gloves to pick up mail, gloves to pump gas in their car. If you do use gloves, it’s important to learn how to take them off to avoid spreading the germs you are trying to avoid. In my husband’s case, putting gloves on is an important part of his daily routine.

My husband is a paraplegic. Because he has no feeling from the waist down, he has no bladder control. Six to seven times throughout the day he needs to use a catheter to empty his bladder. This means inserting a foreign object into his body. When doing this, keeping the area as sterile as possible is the goal. That includes wearing gloves as he inserts the catheter. Touching clothes, sink or anything else can lead to contamination and possibly infection such as a urinary tract infection.

He uses a fresh catheter each time, sterilizes the area and always uses gloves. Here is a demonstration of how to put sterile gloves on. It’s important to remember not to touch anything besides the sterilized area once the gloves are on.

After he is finished catheing, he needs to dispose of the gloves. They are one use only. Here he demonstrates show to remove and dispose of the gloves.

It seems simple yet it easy to forget not to touch anything while wearing the gloves or not to contaminate our hands as we remove them. As an extra precaution, wash your hands after the gloves are removed.

PLEASE DISPOSE of your GLOVES in a trash can. Please don’t toss them on the ground for someone else to pick up. Let’s each take responsibility for ourselves!

And remember – wash your hands for 20 seconds. The ABC song is one way to time it. You could also pray the Hail Mary and Our Father.

Stay safe, stay healthy!

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Angela DiCicco

The Italian Grandmama

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DISCLAIMER: We are not professionals in the medical field. This video is the method that my husband learned from rehab specialists for his personal needs and in no way implies that it will prevent the spread of COvid-19.

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