Ideas for Stuffing Easter Eggs besides Candy

Buy a puzzle and put the individual pieces in each egg.  Number them so you know you have all the pieces. Buy each child a puzzle and put the individual pieces in the egg.  Have the children sort which pieces go to each puzzle. Fill the eggs with the Alphabet, have the children put it them in order. For younger children, fill the eggs with … Continue reading Ideas for Stuffing Easter Eggs besides Candy

Tips for Making and Keeping Friends

BE ACCEPTING.  Not all of your friends are going to think and act the same as you. BE A GOOD LISTENER.  Make sure to make eye contact and even respond to what they are saying. DON’T BE A SHOW OFF.  Not everyone you meet will have the same interests or abilities so don’t rub it in. DON’T JUST USE YOUR FRIENDS.  Don’t only want to … Continue reading Tips for Making and Keeping Friends

10 Steps of Creativity

 Don’t go with the flow- create your own current. Don’t let the sky stop you. Dare to be different. Don’t say it can’t be done. Remember, others have good ideas too! Have no limits on your imagination. Dare to be corky, wacky, weird, and outrageous. Anything that can be done, do it. Explore the known and unknown. Do not ask why, ask why not! Remember to … Continue reading 10 Steps of Creativity

A Child’s Ten Commandments to Parents

I stumbled upon The Logan Family Blog, while on Pinterest, and just had to share her post about A Child’s Ten Commandments to Parents by Dr. Kevin Leman. 1.  My hands are small; please don’t expect perfection whenever I make a bed, draw a picture, or throw a ball.  My legs are short; please slow down so that I can keep up with you. 2.  … Continue reading A Child’s Ten Commandments to Parents

Toddler Activities and Crafts

Mirror Image Activity Have your child stand facing another person, as if they were looking in the mirror. Choose which person will be the leader and which one will be the follower.  As the leader moves the follower imitates the movement. Make sure to switch roles, so that both children can be the leader and the follower. Crown thee King or Queen: Cut construction paper to … Continue reading Toddler Activities and Crafts

Gross Motor Activities

Crayon Rubbings: Explore with different textures by placing a piece of paper over it and rubbing the crayon on the paper. Sand Painting: Spread glue on a piece of paper.  Drop the sand onto the glue, shake off extra sand. Large Block building:  See how tall your child can get the blocks to go before they tip over. Bean bag toss:  Throw the bean bags … Continue reading Gross Motor Activities

This Works for Me!

Store small books in plastic napkin holders- it makes it easier for young children to get them out. When old parts of toys turn up, put them in a plastic bag- that way when you notice the toy with the missing part, you know where to look. To preserve posters, pictures, and other items cover them with contact paper- this is durable and easier for … Continue reading This Works for Me!

10 Things I learned from Craft Fairs this year.

Having just finished a weekend at a craft fair where I sold so much on Friday evening that I was up at 4:30am Saturday to create more, I thought I’d share what I gleaned:  You won’t get your hourly worth at a craft fair.  People just aren’t going to pay you what you’re worth!  Adding $20 to an item to give you your hourly wage … Continue reading 10 Things I learned from Craft Fairs this year.

10 Rules to Live by for Parents

Be the best role model as possible: Your children look up to you and they want to be you, so make sure you are acting the way you want your children to. Know when and how your child needs some love:  As a parent, you are responsible for loving and caring for your child.  Each child is different and needs to be loved in different … Continue reading 10 Rules to Live by for Parents

Picture Making Topics

There are times when your child comes up and asks you what they can draw/paint/color for you.  Below are a few suggestions: Family Where you live Your Neighborhood What Games they play Favorite activities Favorite animal Holiday Different Seasons Favorite story Favorite TV character Shapes Colors Love Happiness   Do you have any other suggestions for children to create?  Please share with us! Ashley Continue reading Picture Making Topics