This Works for Me!

Sewing lace-up cards: Make your own easily by using the cover of a coloring book, back of a cereal box or a Christmas card that has something interesting to your child.  Cut out the picture, punch holes around sides, add shoelace or yarn.  Good examples would be Barbie coloring book or Batman cereal.

Coloring Savvy: It’s so easy to “get involved” with our child as they color or draw and say things like,  “Color in the lines” or “Dogs aren’t green” or “Trees aren’t blue”.  These are adult concepts and things we need such as order and neatness.  Children, however, need freedom to exercise their imaginations and practice their fine motor skills.  Let it be okay for children  to have red trees or color out of the lines- what a beautiful world they see!

“Five minutes peace” box: Need a few minutes on the telephone? Need to help an older with schoolwork?  A bag or box with a few special toy can be just the thing.  Keep a set of blocks, stacking cups, a new coloring book, beads and yarn, sewing cards (see above).  Pull on thing out when you need those few precious moments without the little ones on your lap.

Encouragement: A publication by Angela DiCicco and Gail Signor

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