8 Delightful Decorating Tips for Fall and Halloween

Do you love walking into little shops that smell of cinnamon and caramel? Do you enjoy the burst of burnt oranges, burgundy reds and tawny yellow leaves on the trees? Why not bring all that goodness inside? It’s not difficult and the results are like walking into a candle shop in the middle of autumn: warm, cozy and inviting. These ideas build on each other. Start with a few leaves, add pumpkins, lights and candles and you’ve created a warm, cozy atmosphere!

Here’s a tip before you get started: I remove some of my everyday decor before I add holiday decorations.

Add a sparkly pumpkin, witch’s hat and leaves for a fall display.
  1. One of the easiest ways of getting cozy is lighting candles. I find caramel and cinnamon to be my favorites. Some might enjoy spiced apple. Another idea is to get the candles that drip in different colors when melting. Super spooky and fun!
  2. I adore twinkly lights. When I walk into a room with little lights, it feels magical! Light brings warmth into a home. Wrap some sparkly garland and fall leaves around a set of lights. Choose Halloween colors of purple, orange and green or fall colors like orange and brown.
  3. The grandkids helped me decorate with fall leaves. I suggested they sprinkle them around and they did a fabulous job! Add leaves to book shelves, window ledges. I decorate my piano and my counters too! Any available space to add some fall touches will do.
  4. Add some pumpkins on top of the leaves. I enjoy anything with sparkle! My grandkids added a witches hat and orange lace gloves to create a scene. Did a great job, didn’t they?
  5. Bows are simple and shush decorations up to a new level. Add a big puffy bow to your door wreath, candelabra or light fixtures over the table.
  6. A table runner adds a festive touch with just a simple piece of fabric. Buy one ready made or throw some black spider web material over the table. I also add little bits of fabric with scare crows or pumpkins to my end tables. I don’t bother finishing them off with hems. No one notices!
  7. Cobwebs over the front door or hanging from a mirror add a spooky touch.
  8. A simple way to create a fall display is with a small hay bale (available at craft shops) and add fall or Halloween picks. Super easy and fun!

Are you ready for a magical fall? Let me know your best fall or Halloween decorating tip! We may use it in future issues and feature your tip!

Happy fall y’all!

Angela DiCicco

The Italian Grandmama

Contact me: theitaliangrandmama.com

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