Halloween Activities and Crafts!

Rook No. 17 has a great Halloween Scavenger Hunt Eighteen25 has a free printable of 31 activities and a Halloween countdown. Clever Classroom has a free Halloween Vocabulary printable. (you will need to create a free account.) Like a Pretty Petunia has a tutorial on how to make these! Better Homes and Garden has 25 different crafts for Halloween. Craft Interrupted has many printables for decorations. … Continue reading Halloween Activities and Crafts!

Kids Korner: Harvest Time

Fall has long been a season of celebration.  Harvest parties have been in existence for centuries.  Why not have a party this year using suggestions from “The Penny Whistle Halloween Book” by Meredith Brokaw and Annie Gilbar?  We’ve excerpted a few of our favorite ideas. PUMPKIN DECORATIONS Hollow out and fill with dried flowers, leaves, and branches. Make a “family” by using pumpkins of different sizes. As … Continue reading Kids Korner: Harvest Time

Fun Halloween Crafts and Games

We’ve found some simple and fun crafts for children as young as 3 or 4.  Older children can cut their own shapes.  Most importantly, remember this is supposed to be fun!  There is no right or wrong way to make a pumpkin!  Creativity is limited only by your child’s imagination.  The colors are suggestions, however, ask your child what color pumpkin they want to make!  … Continue reading Fun Halloween Crafts and Games

Kid’s Korner: Harvest

FALL CENTERPIECE:  Start with a wicker plate used to support paper plates.  Supply bump chenille, hay, styrofoam, silk leaves and flowers, ribbon, small decoration, glue, scissors.  Let imagination go!  Will you have a pumpkin patch, a scarecrow, a candle in the middle?  This is a great family night project.  Also a good ice breaker for groups. Easy PAPER BAG Decorations from HIGHLIGHTS Creative Crafts Series: … Continue reading Kid’s Korner: Harvest

Ideas for Fall Both Indoor and Out

Picture Credit: Vernon’s Blog Go to a Pumpkin Patch.  Pick your favorite.  Take it home and decorate or make pumpkin seeds and pumpkin bread. Go on a hayride! Stuff a scarecrow. Do leaf tracings.  Find out what types you’ve collected. Have your children rake up leaves (for money?). They jump in! Have a harvest party.  Include scarcrow making.  Everyone brings an old shirt and pants.  You … Continue reading Ideas for Fall Both Indoor and Out

This Works for Me!

Fall is a great time to go outdoors and LOOK.  Teach your children to notice things- patterns on the ground, the sun shining through the leaves, the many shades of leaves, various bark trees.  A nature walk could include taking a book along to identify birds, trees, leaves, and bugs. Best medication for TEETHING TODDLERS crushed ice!  Give child spoon and little dish of ice.  Really … Continue reading This Works for Me!