Kid’s Korner: Harvest

FALL CENTERPIECE:  Start with a wicker plate used to support paper plates.  Supply bump chenille, hay, styrofoam, silk leaves and flowers, ribbon, small decoration, glue, scissors.  Let imagination go!  Will you have a pumpkin patch, a scarecrow, a candle in the middle?  This is a great family night project.  Also a good ice breaker for groups.

Easy PAPER BAG Decorations from HIGHLIGHTS Creative Crafts Series:

HARVEST WREATH: Cut a brown paper back from bottom on one fold.  Cut away the bottom portion of the bag.  A rectangular sheet of brown paper is left.  Roll the paper crumpling in it as you go.  Form a circle and staple ends together at top.  Add pine comes or dried flowers and leaves for decoration.  Add a bow and yard or pipe cleaner to hang.

JACK-O-LANTERN: Stuff a paper bag with paper.  Twist and glue the top in a stem shape.  Using tempera, paint the stem green and the pumpkin orange.  Cut eyes, nose and mouth from black paper.  Glue in place.

Taken from Encouragement a publication by Angela DiCicco and Gail Signor.

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