Another wheelchair Tik Tok Dance!

Wow, we worked on this one quite a bit! It seems simple, but you will hear me sound very bossy telling Arthur to ,”GO!” He simply could not get the rhythm down!

It’s such good exercise to do these dances! The physical movement is important to everyone, but especially in a wheelchair where you need to keep your upper body limber and strong. These dances are also good for memory as Arthur has to work his mind get the moves down.

I’m not an expert on video so I would edit out my directions if I could but here you get to hear me keep him on track during the dance. He’s such a good sport!

If you want to learn a few moves, check out dances on youtube. For shorter routines, Tik Tok has many that are fun and manageable.

As always, we want to let others know you can still have fun, even as a para, even in a wheelchair! Just keep moving!

I hope you enjoy this video. Share in the comments below and let me know what you do to keep in shape if you have limited mobility.

Please share it with your friends!

Stay tuned for our next dance!

Angela DiCicco

The Italian Grandmama

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