12 Ways to a Happy Holiday Season

On the first day of Christmas, ENCOURAGEMENT said to mer:

1. Be Sure to PRAY. WIth your spiritual needs filled, you will have a sense of peace.

2.EAT REGULARLY. Maintain regular eating patterns.  Avoid excessive sugar, caffeine and alcohol which could contribute to feelings of irritability, testiness, and drowsiness.

3.Know your LIMITS (physical, mental, monetary, etc.) and adhere to them.

4.PACE yourself- give yourself plenty of time to accomplish your tasks.

5.Set REASONABLE EXPECTATIONS for yourself with regard to decorating, gift purchasing, baking, etc.

6.Be ORGANIZED. Make a list of what you need to buy, what has to be done.  Gather all your wrapping needs in one place (scissors, tape, ribbon.)  Bein organized unclutteres the mind and helps things run smoother.

7.PLAN ahead. Avoid last minute chaoes by thinking through situations that may comme up and establishing a plan of action to follow.

8.Choose your PRIORITIES. Separate to WANT from a NEED. Focus on what NEEDS to be accomplished first.

9.Stay within your BUDGET.  Set a limit, then stay with in it!

10.Plan a FUN activity  that excites YOU!

11.Don’t OVERINDULGE.  Don’t worry about giving your children EVERYTHING they want!

12.Allow at least 15 minutes every day just for YOU!  30 minutes is even better.  Exercise, read, rest meditate, Rejuvenate!

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