For Parents Dealing with Death

If you’ve lost your spouse, try not to make any major decisions for 6 months.  Id you decided to chang your living situation, make sure you are acting from thought rather than emotion.

Find a support group or seek out a person in your same situation.  Family and friends cannot understand your needs as well as someone who has already lived through a similar loss.

The widowed state in life is unique- Neither married nor really single.  The adjustment tot he social world after grieving can be overwhelming.  Often the friends you socialized with as a couple disappear.  In an effort to make new friends some indulge ins social excesses while other give up and withdraw into a hopeless vacuum.  Discussing your unique issues with widowed peers will help along your healthy adjustment.

There is an 80%  divorce rate for marriages that have suffered the loss of a child.  If the grieving process is tearing apart your marriage, seek help from counselling, a support group, or the understanding of another grieving couple.

Encouragement: A publication by Angela DiCicco and Gail Signor

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