Peeking Through the Window

A holiday party is in progress and a photo is being snapped.  This is the scene as you watch through the frosted windowpane:  A woman wears a black velvet dress cut to a “V” in back.  Her hair is upswept and perfectly lacquered.  Her nails are perfectly manicured and her smile shows perfect teeth.  Her children, too, are dressed festively.  The girl is dressed in red … Continue reading Peeking Through the Window

Kid’s Korner: Thanksgiving Crafts

Thanksgiving Crafts: Indian headband: Have children trace their hand five times on different colored construction paper.  Staple onto headband strip of paper, overlapping “feathers”.  They can use this Indian headband in a Thanksgiving play. Turkey Hand: Have children trace hand on colored construction paper.  Cut it out.  Color the hand in where the thumb is the head of the turkey and the hand is the … Continue reading Kid’s Korner: Thanksgiving Crafts

12 Ways to a Happy Holiday Season

On the first day of Christmas, ENCOURAGEMENT said to mer: 1. Be Sure to PRAY. WIth your spiritual needs filled, you will have a sense of peace. 2.EAT REGULARLY. Maintain regular eating patterns.  Avoid excessive sugar, caffeine and alcohol which could contribute to feelings of irritability, testiness, and drowsiness. 3.Know your LIMITS (physical, mental, monetary, etc.) and adhere to them. 4.PACE yourself- give yourself plenty of time to … Continue reading 12 Ways to a Happy Holiday Season

22 Little Reasons to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time to ponder and be grateful for blessing that have enriched our lives.  It’s a time to realize that the little things really do count! A moment of silence on a hectic day Children arriving safely home from school Sleeping through the night with an infant in the house The health of your family A spouse who loves us and supports our … Continue reading 22 Little Reasons to Give Thanks

Surviving the Holidays when Grieving

Don’t expect too much from yourself.  The first holidays after a loss are especially difficult.  It is normal to feel sad during the holidays when other families are all together. Many people advise going away for the holidays if there has been a recent death.  A vacation trip works for some, while others want to be near emotional support.  Ideally close friends or relatives should open up … Continue reading Surviving the Holidays when Grieving