Peeking Through the Window

A holiday party is in progress and a photo is being snapped.  This is the scene as you watch through the frosted windowpane:  A woman wears a black velvet dress cut to a “V” in back.  Her hair is upswept and perfectly lacquered.  Her nails are perfectly manicured and her smile shows perfect teeth.  Her children, too, are dressed festively.  The girl is dressed in red velvet with lace at her collar and cuffs and hairbow to match.  A smile lights up her face as brother stands by in his fancy shorts/vest/bow tie attire looking like Little Boy Blue.  The promises pf dreams fulfilled.  Of course the stockings ar hung over the crackling fireplace and the gifts all have perfect hows in gold or silver to complete the look.  Even the dog has a bow! (All this in a single frame.)

Sounds perfect, doesn’t it?  Something to strive for, hang our dreams on.  Well, the real truth behind the window is this:

Junior ran 15 minutes late from playing football and, sweaty and dirty, jumped into the shower.  His mother was frantic that his hair wouldn’t be dry on time.  Junior refused to wear the clothes mama picked out and mama threatened a bleak Christmas if he didn’t comply.  Meanwhile, lil’ Susie was in tears because her hair bow was missing, a button fell off her dress, and she couldn’t get the gum out of her hair that Junior put in! Mother, all showered and fresh, was running around in her undergarments brushing Susie’s hair, arguing with Junior and swearing because she discovered a run in her pantyhose.  The steam from the shower threatens to wilt her hair and she was desperately trying not to ruin her manicure as she quickly sewed on Susie’s button.  Where’s dad in all of this?  Why he’s working late!

If this sounds more like your family- don’t despair. You’re normal.  Photos in magazines and commercials on TV are glossy versions of minute in time that took 10 to 12 hours to set up.  We shouldn’t have to live up to such high standards! We aren’t perfect be we are 3D unlike the advertisement.

We live, we breath, we argue, we yell, we love, we laugh.  This is our reality.

Written by Angela DiCicco

Encouragement:A publication by Angela DiCicco and Gail Signor

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