22 Little Reasons to Give Thanks

Thanksgiving is a time to ponder and be grateful for blessing that have enriched our lives.  It’s a time to realize that the little things really do count!

  • A moment of silence on a hectic day
  • Children arriving safely home from school
  • Sleeping through the night with an infant in the house
  • The health of your family
  • A spouse who loves us and supports our needs
  • Special friends in our lives
  • The telephone- a connection to far away relatives and friends
  • Grandparents who are available to babysit
  • A good match between a teach and your child
  • A car that runs well
  • A roof that doesn’t leak
  • A soft, warm bed at night
  • Friends who pass along clothes their children have outgrown
  • A piece of china that belonged to Grandma
  • Fuzzy new slippers to warm your feet
  • A good book, a cup of tea and some quiet
  • A day off from school to spend with your children
  • Your child’s smile
  • Laughter at unexpected moments
  • Rare moments with an older child when it feels like they’re your friend
  • A quiet evening at home with your spouse
  • Being together as a family, enjoying each other’s company

Encouragement: A publication by Angela DiCicco and Gail Signor

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