Some people have stated that adolescence is like “the two’s” all over again.  Well, just like two years olds, preteens and teenagers are seeking ways to become independent from their parents and through this new emotions and feelings emerge.  The decisions our teens make during these few years have a direct effect on the rest of their life.  So, as parents the best thing we can do … Continue reading Adolescence

12 Ways to a Happy Holiday Season

On the first day of Christmas, ENCOURAGEMENT said to mer: 1. Be Sure to PRAY. WIth your spiritual needs filled, you will have a sense of peace. 2.EAT REGULARLY. Maintain regular eating patterns.  Avoid excessive sugar, caffeine and alcohol which could contribute to feelings of irritability, testiness, and drowsiness. 3.Know your LIMITS (physical, mental, monetary, etc.) and adhere to them. 4.PACE yourself- give yourself plenty of time to … Continue reading 12 Ways to a Happy Holiday Season

Kitchen Kapers

After washing lettuce, tear with hands rather than cutting with knife.  Metal turns the adges of lettuce brown.  To keep, wrap lettuce in a paper towel to absorb excess liquid then place in plastic bag. Cut- up fresh garden veggies such as carrots, cucumber, and beans and serve as a snack to children while they watch their favorite T.V. show/video.  This keeps children from being … Continue reading Kitchen Kapers

This Works for Me!

Need to BUY SHOES or slippers for children without them?  Trace their foot and take it with you.  Works with gloves too! NO TIME TO WRITE?- Have stamped postcard ready.  Just jotting a quick “thinking of you” note goes a long way to bridge the gap between letters or phone calls. (Angela DiCicco) For the pre-reading group- Using large print, LABEL items in your home such … Continue reading This Works for Me!