This Works for Me: Monitoring TV

I tape any movies or specials that the children want to watch.  While taping, I view the show so I can edit out commercials and determine if it is appropriate.  This allows me to “screen” the show and has helped us develop a library of good movies. Linda Grant We have set times and shows that the children can watch.  For awhile we tried afternoon cartoons, … Continue reading This Works for Me: Monitoring TV

You’re Not Alone……

Have you ever said “I’ll never spank” but find yourself using this occasionally in anger or frustration? Have a 2 or 3 year old child who still doesn’t sleep through the night? Do you find yourself realizing at 11am that you haven’t gotten showered or dressed yet? Do you run in to check on your newborn to make sure he/she is still breathing? Do you … Continue reading You’re Not Alone……

Dealing with Post Partum Depression

Post Partum Depression(PPD) affects between 11 and 20 percent of women.  It can be a mild case or a severe case, but usually goes away on its own over time.  PPD is a disorder that occurs after the birth of a child, usually due to hormone imbalances. Some symptoms of PPD are loss of appetite, sadness, feeling worthless, feeling rejected, loss of interest in the … Continue reading Dealing with Post Partum Depression

This Works for Me!

When disciplining children because they’ve said something hurtful or mistreated their siblings or friends–tell them the next two things they do or say must be something NICE towards that person. Run out of BUBBLEBATH?  Try baby shampoo Another bathtime idea–let children ear bathing suits and blow bubbles in the bathtubs for DAYTIME BATH FUN. To sort various family activities on the calendar, us a DIFFERENT COLOR PEN for … Continue reading This Works for Me!