This Works for Me!

When disciplining children because they’ve said something hurtful or mistreated their siblings or friends–tell them the next two things they do or say must be something NICE towards that person.

Run out of BUBBLEBATH?  Try baby shampoo

Another bathtime idea–let children ear bathing suits and blow bubbles in the bathtubs for DAYTIME BATH FUN.

To sort various family activities on the calendar, us a DIFFERENT COLOR PEN for each child or activity.  Hang a multicolored pen on a string near calendar.

When a child comes to you with a complaint about another children, rather than solving the problem yourself try asking “Have you told her hour you feels?  You need to do that.” This teaches your child to focus his feelings in the right direction and allows children to seek solutions among themselves.

I try to say “YES” as much as I can so that when I need to say “NO”, no has power.

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