Easter Basket Fun!

My daughter reminded me that I used to put fun things in their Easter baskets.  Who says they have to be filled with candy?  Who says it has to be a basket? 

Try something new this year when filling your child’s Easter baskets.  It doesn’t have to be a basket at all!  How about a dump truck filled with grass and goodies?  Or a new Easter hat brimming with jelly beans?  Or a little pocketbook stuffed with green grass and candy?

 I didn’t want my children eating lots of sweets so along with the jelly beans and malted balls, I added goodies they could use and have fun with!  I also wrapped up the baskets in cellophane.  It was like opening a present and Here are some ideas*:

-coloring book and crayons (I never tire of a fresh box of crayons!)
– new white gloves to wear on Easter (little girls still look cute in them)
-small cars and trucks
– legos
-Polly Pockets
-a book of mazes
-beads and string to make a necklace
-a bracelet
-a fun pair of socks (holiday)
-gum (sugarless)
-books (can you ever have enough?)
-craft kit with small scissors, glue, construction paper, felt, glitter
-a rabbit or lamb puppet.  (Kids love puppets!)
-doll clothes
-a jump rope
-sidewalk chalk
-a yoyo
-baseball cards

Teens enjoy nail polish, magazines, gift cards to Starbucks or the movies!  

Have fun and share your ideas with us!  Let us know what you do for your Easter baskets!

Angela Di Cicco

* Please note the age-appropriateness of the items you are putting in the basket.

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