Finding Time to Exercise

So we all know that being a parent is a full time job, so when do we find time for ourselves, especially time to exercise and eat healthy.? With a little planning and flexibility, there is time in the day to eat healthy and exercise.

Do you remember as a child you used to play tag for what felt like hours? Or playing hide ‘n go seek? Or playing on the playground till our parents dragged us off? At the time we didn’t know that all that play was the best form of exercise or activity. At what point did exercise turn into something that has to be done in a gym or on a treadmill? Activity is what I like to call it! There are days where I am able to get on my stationary bike for 50 minutes and there are days where I only am able to walk the dogs. Both in my eyes are activity.

Who says that activity has to be in the form of 30 minutes at one time 5-6 days a week? I break up my activity throughout the day. I am able to get in a 15 minute workout (either walking or resistant band) during my morning break and then another 15 minute walk during my lunch. So before I get home from work I have 30 minutes of activity. This isn’t the heart wrenching activiy, but it is getting myself moving instead of sitting on my butt.

Here are some suggestions of how to find time to exercise:

Don’t be married to getting it all at once. If you can only do 15 minutes at a time it is better than nothing.

Get involved with your children. Have a hoola hop contest to see who can do it the longest. Play tag with them. Throw the baseball around with them.

Go for a walk/run. Instead of driving to the park, walk. Take your children with you and try to pick out different things while on your walk.

Put some music on and dance around the house.

Put music on and clean your house….make it a game with your children by seeing who can pick up their toys the fastest. The music will help motivate you to move more and get your heart rate up.

I know that somedays I will be able to get on my bike and do 45+ minutes, but that isn’t everyday. For the days that I am not able, I make sure that I get activity in little spurts throughout the day.

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