Spring Fun!

Did you know that you can use cookie cutters for more than cookies? Use them to cut shapes into bologna and other cold cuts. Cut bread out for kids’ lunches or toast for breakfast. Cut pancakes or waffles for something different. Use a heart shaped cutter in the center of slice of bread, brown bread, break egg into center and cook in pan. Use them as stencils on paper, but make sure to wash them before using them with food.

A simple Bunny Cake: Bake two 9″ round cake pans. One is for the head, the other is cut into curved thirds () () to be used for ears and a bow tie. Frost and cover with coconut, if desired, for a “fuzzy effect”. Use candies for the eyes and nose. Use licorice for the whiskers.

Baking cup Flowers: Glue the bottoms of muffin cups to paper, draw steams, and leaves. For added texture slit accordion pleats.

Make Baskets to give to an elderly aunt, grandma, or take to a nursing home. Full with love- flowers, poems, ets. Weave ribbons through the plastic pint baskets (the kind that strawberries come in), and add a handle.

Rabbit Hand Art- On a white piece of paper trace your hand keeping your fingers together and your thumb up. Cut out the hand and draw an eye, nose, and mouth under the thumb. Draw 3 lines for whiskers. Color the inside of the ear pink and glue on a cotton ball for the tail.

Ideas from Encouragement, a publication of Angela DiCicco and Gail Signor.

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