Formula Companies Underminding Breastfeeding?

Do you think that formula companies undermine breastfeeding moms? Do you think that hospitals and doctors offices shouldn’t hand out samples of formula to breastfeeding moms?

Some people think that formula companies target breastfeeding mothers, when in reality they target mothers in general. I can see how a mother would feel like formula companies are undermining a breastfeeding mother, but if you are set on breastfeeding your baby then it shouldn’t be an issue if you are offered formula.

I think we live in a society of conveniece. It is convenient to give a baby a bottle and know how much he/she is getting or better yet have someone else feed him/her. There is no arguement that formula is easier for moms, but does that mean that it is the formula companies fault? The Formula companies are trying to sell their product. It is up to the mother to buy it or not.

I agree that it is easier to get your hands on a bottle of formula then it is for you to get support with breastfeeding, but once again is that formula companies fault? Should we as a society get upset at the formula companies or should we gear that energy to promoting good support for breastfeeding?

The companies make it easy for a mother on the cusp to stop breastfeeding, by giving out free samples, coupons and rebate checks. If it is equally as hard to get formula as it is to get support with breastfeeding would more mothers continue breastfeeding?

I am not an advicate for formula companies, but I think that the blame is in the wrong place. We should be more focused on promoting breastfeeding, than bashing formula companies.

I think it goes back to being a conscious parent. I think all woman should do research and make their own educated decision and be proud of the decision that was made.

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