5 Facts to Keep in Mind as a Parent

Previously we talked about 10 Rules to Live by for Parents, well here we talk about 5 facts to keep in mind as a parent. You are not Super Parent:  All parents want to do it all and look good while doing it.  Sometimes that is not possible. Just as you expect your children to do the best they can,you need to expect that too. … Continue reading 5 Facts to Keep in Mind as a Parent

Formula Companies Underminding Breastfeeding?

Do you think that formula companies undermine breastfeeding moms? Do you think that hospitals and doctors offices shouldn’t hand out samples of formula to breastfeeding moms? Some people think that formula companies target breastfeeding mothers, when in reality they target mothers in general. I can see how a mother would feel like formula companies are undermining a breastfeeding mother, but if you are set on … Continue reading Formula Companies Underminding Breastfeeding?

Being a Conscious Parent Comes Full Circle

Long before I got pregnant or was even married, I had an idea of how I wanted to raise my children. I am one of those women who loves to read up on parenting styles and form my own opinions. The style I chose I learned from my mom and she taught me by example. I was raised a little different than most people. My … Continue reading Being a Conscious Parent Comes Full Circle

Conscious Parenting- A Choice

Being a conscious parent is a choice.  You’re probably familiar with parents who raise their children off the cuff, making decisions based on ….nothing!  “No! You can’t watch TV!”  “Why?,” the child asks.  “Because I said so!” Or you’re familiar with the parent who is inconsistent.  Today you can watch TV, tomorrow you can’t.  Why?  No reason!  I just don’t feel like letting you watch … Continue reading Conscious Parenting- A Choice