Conscious Parenting- A Choice

Being a conscious parent is a choice.  You’re probably familiar with parents who raise their children off the cuff, making decisions based on ….nothing!  “No! You can’t watch TV!”  “Why?,” the child asks.  “Because I said so!”

Or you’re familiar with the parent who is inconsistent.  Today you can watch TV, tomorrow you can’t.  Why?  No reason!  I just don’t feel like letting you watch TV today!

You and I are conscious parents.  We make decisions about how we want to parent our child; what values we want to impart.  We think about what is important to us and why.  We don’t do things, “Just because.” We don’t follow the same path as our parents.  We don’t parent because that’s the way it’s always been done.  We don’t follow the rules that other people follow.  We’re thoughtful, decisive and thorough.  We think, we research, we decide.  

A wise friend once told me, “Children will make you rethink every value you have.” 

Children will question everything.  Conscious parents want to be ready with a thoughtful explanation.

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