Being a Conscious Parent Comes Full Circle

Long before I got pregnant or was even married, I had an idea of how I wanted to raise my children. I am one of those women who loves to read up on parenting styles and form my own opinions. The style I chose I learned from my mom and she taught me by example.

I was raised a little different than most people. My mom is an out-of-the-box type of person. She was not one to jump on the bandwagon just because it was the cool thing to do. She really made a conscious decision about how she wanted to raise her children. I want to do the same thing.

My mom was a holistic type of parent. Growing up we didn’t run to the doctor for a runny nose or given cold medicine. We were given vitamin C and told to rest up. I was eating organic before it became popular. I was raised dairy-free. These are decisions that my mom made after doing her own research on what was best for her children.

I think many parents make rash decisions when it comes to parenting their children instead of thinking and deciding beforehand how they are going to handle a certain situation. Being a type A personality I like to know what to expect and how to handle it in the best way I can. That means I do a lot of research on parenting and how I can be the best parent to my child.

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