Rejection. It hurts. What can you do?

Fortunately, I haven’t had the rejection experience with craft fairs or bridal shows.  I believe that’s because I have such a unique product.  I create button bouquets:

If I created, say, jewelry for a living, there would be so much more competition!  At each show, thoughtful jurors want to create a unique experience for buyers with a wide array of beautiful handmade art in all its many forms.

However, I’ve had my share of rejection letters for my writing.  And this is what I’ve learned:

  • Don’t take rejections personal.  It’s not YOU they are rejecting, though it may feel that way.
  • Focus on yourself, your art and what you can do to improve or change.  In other words, focus inward, not outward.
  • Look hard at your product and decide if there is a market for it. And whether you have the tough skin to hang in there until it gets picked up.
  • If you really want to sell something, choose something marketable.  Then make it in a new and innovative way.  For example, brides carry bouquets.  I created button bouquets as an alternative to fresh flowers.  
  • Keep tweaking, improving and learning about your art, whether its writing or painting.  The early wedding bouquets I created have morphed into some fun and fabulous button bouquets.

How to you cope?  The 2 posts below offer a few reasons why you may get rejected including not having great photos and incomplete entry forms.  These are 2 of the easiest things to fix! 

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