Stress and the Holidays

Holidays are an important and stress time for many families.  The focus of the holidays is to celebrate but often we become so busy with preparations that we forget their true meaning.  Meeting everyone’s needs during the holidays, as well as bringing to life the picture we’ve painted in our own minds, can over-stress our bodies.  Our bodies can be over-stressed both physically (e.g. overeating, … Continue reading Stress and the Holidays

Holiday Ideas

Give each child their own nativity set. It could be one they can play with or one that’s handmade.  Let them keep it in their room. Teach children customs from another faith or country.  serve smelts, spaghetti with anchovies, and shrimp on Christmas Eve as the Italians do.  You could light a Hanukkah candles to remember where the Jewish and Christian faiths come from.  Families from … Continue reading Holiday Ideas

For Children Dealing with Death

Protect your children from other people’s advice.  A well-maning relative may say, “You’re the man of the family now,”  to a 7-year-old who is not qualified to fill that role. Consider taking them out of school temporarily.  Some teachers expect “business as usual”  when your child may not be up to it.  After dealing with a death, your child may feel his/her peers are immature or … Continue reading For Children Dealing with Death

12 Ways to a Happy Holiday Season

On the first day of Christmas, ENCOURAGEMENT said to mer: 1. Be Sure to PRAY. WIth your spiritual needs filled, you will have a sense of peace. 2.EAT REGULARLY. Maintain regular eating patterns.  Avoid excessive sugar, caffeine and alcohol which could contribute to feelings of irritability, testiness, and drowsiness. 3.Know your LIMITS (physical, mental, monetary, etc.) and adhere to them. 4.PACE yourself- give yourself plenty of time to … Continue reading 12 Ways to a Happy Holiday Season

This Works for Me: Feeding your infant

Pre-package formula into small ziplock bags, so it is ready to go.  Keep a few extra packages in the diaper bag for those just in case times. For babies, pre-package a serving of oatmeal into small ziplock bags.  Keep a few extra packages in the diaper bag for those just in case times, that way you have something to feed your baby besides a bottle. … Continue reading This Works for Me: Feeding your infant

Kitchen Kapers

Purchase a THREE-RING BINDER with sheet spacer.  When you find a recipe you want, cut it out and glue or tape it to papers.  Organize by course, fruits, veggies, etc.  This helps organize all your recipes. (Alison Seymour) Designs for CAKE DECORATING: Lay a stencil or a cookie cutter on top of icing, fill in with sprinkles or colored sugar crystals.  Remove stencil. Treat your … Continue reading Kitchen Kapers

This Works for Me!

Shopping with a Toddler: Before you go into the store, tell your child how to act, what behavior is and is not acceptable.  They need lots of reminders and they are still learning what is appropriate in what place.  Do not assume that after running around the playground this afternoon, your child will remember to be calm prepare them, this gives you an opportunity to say, “Remember, … Continue reading This Works for Me!