A Letter to Mom


I know you don’t feel too good about yourself but you should! You have every reason to!

To name a few:

  • Your laughter brought joy to the women you worked with
  •  You are excellent with handicapped or ill people; you always know how to handle them
  • How many mouths have smiled from one of your baked goods?
  • You are fun to have at a party.
  • You handle emergencies well.  Like when the little boy caught his finger in the door where you worked.
  • You are great with flower arranging.  A skill you don’t forget.
  •  You are organized.
  • You taught me, by your example, to stop and smell the roses or notice the rainbow in the sky.


I think you have many more skills you don’t give yourself credit for.

I admire the skills you have that don’t come easy or natural to me like talking to strangers, handling people with disabilities.

Some special thoughts about things that have affected me or impressed me somehow:

  •  I remember and appreciate you being home with me when I was small.  It couldn’t have been easy for you to stop working but you did because I was unhappy.  Thanks.
  •  You were always prepared, or so it seemed, for unexpected guests.
  • From watching you, I learned to get things ready ahead of time.  Set the table, plan the menu, wrap the gifts.
  •  I learned that it is okay to take a nap during the day.
  • Have some food prepared in advance in the freezer Keep greeting cards and gift wrap on hand.
  • Always dress with style and flair!

Did you know that……

I’ve been proud to have you as a mom, especially in high school.

I always think of you as beautiful.  I’ll say “I hope I look as beautiful when I am her age.”

Angela DiCicco

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