Little Ways to Say “I Love You” to your Family

– Spend time with them cooking, or baking

– Take 5 minutes once your children get home from school to listen to them about their day.  Won’t be there? Give them a call! Can’t talk? Have them talk into a tape recorder or video message you!

– Take each child out alone for some special one on one time!

– Read a bedtime story with your children

– Send your family a card through the mail.  A mailed card saying “Hi” goes a long way!

–  Sit down with a tape recorder, or camera and video tape grandparents talking about memories as a child. It is a great bonding experience for the family members, plus it also captures those memories forever!

– Write a birthday letter to your child each year highlighting what changes has happen that year with them.

What little ways do you say “I love you” to your family?

Ashley Myers

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