Senses: Sound

There is so much that you can do with the 5 senses and teaching them.  This week we are going to start with Sound.  Below are activities, printables, and book suggestions all about sound. Activities involving Sound: Go on a sound walk: Listen for all the different sounds.  Can you pick out any one in particular? Guess what it is: Play different sounds and have … Continue reading Senses: Sound

Gross Motor Activities

Crayon Rubbings: Explore with different textures by placing a piece of paper over it and rubbing the crayon on the paper. Sand Painting: Spread glue on a piece of paper.  Drop the sand onto the glue, shake off extra sand. Large Block building:  See how tall your child can get the blocks to go before they tip over. Bean bag toss:  Throw the bean bags … Continue reading Gross Motor Activities

Clothespins and the Basket

This is a great activity for a toddler who loves to sort and pick things up and put them in a container.  It will help your child with gross motor skills, following directions, fine motor skills and the concept of “in” and “out”. You can color the clothespins with markers, or paint.  Then use different color buckets for your child to match the colors.  Don’t … Continue reading Clothespins and the Basket

10 Rules to Live by for Parents

Be the best role model as possible: Your children look up to you and they want to be you, so make sure you are acting the way you want your children to. Know when and how your child needs some love:  As a parent, you are responsible for loving and caring for your child.  Each child is different and needs to be loved in different … Continue reading 10 Rules to Live by for Parents

The Importance of Reading to Your Children

Reading is very important to a child’s development.  From recognition skills as they look at a picture book to learning the words to read, developing imagination, increasing vocabulary, learning better communication skills, doing better academically, the list goes on and on. Infants are just learning about the world. They only know what you teach them. As they become more alert they are learning and absorbing … Continue reading The Importance of Reading to Your Children

Repurpose Children’s Artwork

I can only imagine how many different pieces of artwork each child does in their life time.  For me, I think where am I going to store it all?  Here are some ideas to repurpose them without throwing them away! Use it for wrapping paper. Frame it- You can even change the picture from time to time. Turn them into greeting cards. Turn them all … Continue reading Repurpose Children’s Artwork

Toddler Play: Water Table Discussion Questions

A water table is a great sensory tool.  The possibilities are endless for the table.  Here are a few questions that will help expand your childs water table education. What can we do with water? How can we collect water? Does water have a taste?  If so, what do you think causes that? How far can you make the water spray? What happens if you … Continue reading Toddler Play: Water Table Discussion Questions

Brain Games for Toddlers

Saying Names:  To help your toddler learn that people and objects have different names, touch an object and say the name.  Then take your toddler’s hand and touch the object and say the name again.  Now say “(your toddlers name) is touching the (object)”.  This can be done with all different objects and people. Early Block Fun:  Make disposable blocks out of small milk cartons.  … Continue reading Brain Games for Toddlers

Ways to Include your Toddler in the Kitchen

Toddlers can take an active role in preparing foods.  Based on your childs abilities you can get them involved by pouring, slicing, whisking, squeezing, and garnishing.  Here are some ideas: Preparing finger foods by stacking foods.  ex: stacking cheese on top of crackers, or cucumbers on top of toast Using a spatula to spread fruit or butter on crackers, toast or bread Stirring together ingredients … Continue reading Ways to Include your Toddler in the Kitchen